LinkVerify checks a set of hypertext files whether all references to external resources are valid. In HTML this applies mostly to hyperlinks and embedded images. Style sheets will be checked too.

Copyright © 1998 Ralf Wiebicke. This program is published under the GNU General Public Licence (local).


For execution Java 1.1 is required. If your browser supports Java 1.1, you may run the program inside the browser. But in this case it can access files on this server only. To work on any files, you have to install the tools locally.


Unpack one of the achives, be sure to have a Java-Engine in the path and call one of the batch/skript-files.


On startup a window is opened. The URL to be checked is typed into the text field Root URL. The Button Start LinkVerify starts the process. The spider checks all files referenced directly or indirectly by the root file, which are in the same dir or one of its subdirs. All invalid (broken) links are listed in the listbox Dead links. The referrers of the selected broken link are listed in the listbox Referrers.

Additionally there is a comparision beetween defined and referenced named frames. Choose the button Frames. This feature will help you to find typing errors in the HTML attribute TARGET.

For a further information there is a detailled description of this program.

Content Lister

The Content Lister is a small extra tool. It creates a TOC from a HTML file. All headings are sorted into a nested list. Links are also generated. The HTML-Code appears in the text area and can be transferred into your source code via copy and paste.

The TOC at the beginning of this file has been generated with the Content Lister.

Created by Ralf Wiebicke, last modified on August, 19 1998, latest version at sourceforge